100 Days of Walking Challenge Rules

  1. 100 Days of Walking Challenge is a Global Health and Fitness movement to incorporate walking as a daily Lifestyle Habit.
  2. 100 Days of Walking Challenge is not a race. It is about challenging yourself for a healthy cause of walking and making small, consistent and dedicated progress everyday.
  3. The Challenge includes walking 100 Days without taking a break, to walk for at least 1 Mile without stopping and completing a total of 100 Miles at the end of 100 days.
  4. You can choose the start date of the challenge and Register on the website Registration for the event can be done until before the event date.
  5. The registration is non-transferable.
  6. You will need to register each time you want to take the challenge.
  7. You must use the 100 Days of Walking Challenge Mobile App to record your walk data and to be ranked in the Challenge. Please click here to see a step-by-step guide on how to use the app.
  8. You can also add walk data manually. In that case, you will need to upload screenshot of your walk from any third party application. If you are adding walk data manually – you will be allowed to enter it only once per day, only upto 5 MILES and within 15 days from the walk date
  9. Walking Speed – We consider maximum walking speed 3 meters/sec. You will get an alert this speed threshold is crossed and your walk will not be saved.
  10. Leaderboard – Rankings are calculated based on No. of Days participated, Distance Covered, and Average Pace.
  11. Prize money - There is no prize money for participating in the challenge. All participants will receive an e-Certificate once the challenge is completed.
  12. You can walk as many times as you want every day. Just make sure that each walk log is atleast for 1 Mile.
  13. Walking outdoors is highly recommended. Walking indoors might result in poor GPS connection resulting in inaccurate data, loss of map, etc.